Match of the day: PSG vs Bayern München

Today Wednesday at 18:45 PSG and Bayern München will clash in a match in UEFA Champions League.

With many expected goals in this match, you can get a really good odds if you think less than 2.5 goal will be scored.

Right now Unibet offers 3.00 betting on 0, 1 or 2 goals scored.

Best odds for 3 goals or more is 1.45 and is offered by Betway, Betsson Sportsbook and Nordicbet.

The asian handicap line for this match is 0.00:0.75, which means that PSG is behind with 0.75.
Effectively this means that betting on the Bayern München on this handicap will pay out, when Bayern München wins, when the match draws and furthermore refund half of your stakes, if Bayern München loses by just 1 goal.

On the other hand betting on PSG will result in payout when they win, but if they win by just 1 goal, then half your stakes will be refunded and the other half will be settlet as a win.

The odds for asian handicap 0.00:0.75 are
Dafabet: 2.35
Betfred: 1.73

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